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The origin of the trilogy

The origin of the trilogy

The origin of the trilogy

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1988 ratings
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    The origin of the trilogy
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    Author rczvvk
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    Bestair novel
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2022-08-12 18:03:44
Introduction to the story does the setting of similar cultivation realm make you unable to be passionate anymore. Perhaps, after each breakthrough, it is possible for you to guess the next breakthrough. This time, we will bring completely different practice settings, so that we can review the wonderful stories in the practice world and release our spiritual fantasies again there is no need to meditate, no need for epiphany, break through the realm, and there is no so-called heaven robbery to refine the body. The reason why people can practice is that the human body itself is full of mysteries and has mysterious connections with all kinds of energy in the universe through exploration and accumulation, countless prophets have invented nine source maps. According to man's talent, selecting one of them and putting it into the body can absorb the source Qi of the universe and practice. After continuous breakthroughs in the realm of cultivation, it finally involves a foreign race who has a deep hatred with mankind for this reason, Du Ying's only choice is to fight against other races, find answers, make breakthroughs, set foot in the starry sky and pursue return to the source.

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