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The mortals never say die

The mortals never say die

The mortals never say die

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    The mortals never say die
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    Pure entertainment hope
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2022-08-05 00:40:26
With the development of science and technology and the wanton exploitation of resources, the earth's resources are gradually exhausted and the earth's own energy is insufficient, which leads to the instability of the energy of the earth's self-protection in the universe. It was discovered by a higher magical civilization planet in other universes and began to invade the earth. The earth will resist the invasion of other planets, In order to protect human beings on the earth, we use the last power to digitize the earth. So that mankind can gain the power of racial confrontation against invading the earth. And put the last hope on mankind. Human victory will lead to the evolution of the earth to higher civilization. If mankind fails, the will of the earth will be swallowed up by the will of other planets and mankind will perish. So far, humans, orcs. Orcs. The dead. Dwarves. spirit. Troll. World of Warcraft. Goblins. Ogres. And all kinds of magical creatures fought fiercely in the fusion of the two planets.

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