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Jiuzhuanba body

Jiuzhuanba body

Jiuzhuanba body

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    Jiuzhuanba body
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    Weixin Book
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2022-05-26 16:30:29
Yeluo has an unreliable father who is good for nothing except drinking, gambling and lust. But he gave yeluo a magical nine turn bully body formula. Nine turns dominate the body. The body is invincible. One punch breaks the sky. Nine turns dominate the pupil, insight into the subtle, everything can be checked. Nine turn gold bone, invincible, comparable to artifact. Nine turn crazy blood, rage invincible, supreme blood. Jiuzhuan Danhai, a sea of aura, contains thousands. Nine turn spirits, strong souls, ignoring illusions. Moreover, yeluo has six sisters who are extremely arrogant. Eldest sister, the leader of the holy land, has the highest combat power and is the overlord of one side. The second sister wanders all over the world and has outstanding accomplishments. She is a generation of God Emperor. The third sister is the supreme beast. There are countless divine beasts. She is the Lord of one sect. The fourth elder sister is the pinnacle of the medical world. She comes back from the dead and has good hands and benevolence. Five elder sister, the emperor of the array, the array is all over the sky, and no one dares to provoke it. Marshal of the army and horses of the sixth sister is below one person and above ten thousand people. Gradually, ye Luo found that the identities of his sisters were not simple one by one! His father's identity seems not simple! Wait, my own identity seems not simple!

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