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The killer is too stable

The killer is too stable

The killer is too stable

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    The killer is too stable
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    Poetry and place
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    Hotel novel
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2022-06-23 06:43:42
"Shifu! Shifu! Our goal this time is a beggar!" Zhang San replied coldly, "what's the matter?" "since we are a beggar, let's hurry up." Zhang San calmly glanced at the beggars in the street, turned and left "master, what's the matter?" Zhang San said earnestly, "waiter, don't you think it's abnormal that someone will spend money to kill beggars?" the apprentice was shocked and asked, "master, do we want to... Again" Zhang San nodded calmly at the next moment, the apprentice hugged Zhang San's thigh and cried, "it's been a year since it opened, master! If you don't make money, we'll starve to death!" Zhang San's heart softened, perhaps because of the coercion of reality he sighed a long sigh and said, "well, observe the beggar for two months before we decide whether to do it or not." this killer is so stable!

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