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Hank s wonderful adventure

Hank s wonderful adventure

Hank s wonderful adventure

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    Hank s wonderful adventure
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    Painted a white
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    Garden Novel
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2022-06-23 06:38:35
Hank, a man who lived in the dark since childhood, is also striving to move forward towards the light... Striving to survive hank is a man who lived in the light since childhood. He was put on the template of social projects at birth. He is very slow and always wants to stay in the comfort zone the same is true even in another world, but he is still timid and firm. His fate is set with an ordinary template but when he shoots his heart from that arrow, when his will with another will, the dazzling light will be more dazzling than any kind of light, because it is the collision between soul and soul, and it is also the light that makes the destiny train change its direction - doubles attract each other - (this article uses original doubles to practice writing. Each chapter is about one or two thousand words. You can read it if you can) (Fellow of JOJO's wonderful adventure star expedition)

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