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I am the dog Emperor

I am the dog Emperor

I am the dog Emperor

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    I am the dog Emperor
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    The sea is full of waves
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    Beauty Read
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2022-06-29 19:31:17
I am a prince, and also a teaser rascal. I don't want to be an emperor, but I have to wear yellow robes. Think there will be free barbecued rice in the sky? Don't be silly. Waiting in front of us are one pit after another that can't be trodden down or climbed out... Apart from other things, on the first day of his accession to the throne, he was told to go to the "imperial expedition"... Is there any mistake? Could it be more ridiculous? The answer is: Yes< Br> this is a private dog blood diary of a hapless emperor, and it is also an absurd unofficial history of an elevated empire. The biggest suspense of the story is how a civilian and military waste firewood struggled to survive in the struggle with various conspirators... The answer is: kill them with laughter!

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