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I built a city in the Three Kingdoms

I built a city in the Three Kingdoms

I built a city in the Three Kingdoms

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    I built a city in the Three Kingdoms
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    Su Huaimin
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    Only Novel
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2022-07-01 21:30:50
Su Mu crossed to the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, started with a bow and lived among the refugees when he woke up, he was robbed of food by Rangers and besieged by wolves if he wanted to escape. Fortunately, he awakened the urban construction system at the critical moment [talent - City Master: Refugees absorb + 20%, grain gain + 20%, city construction + 20%] it's not a fighting talent. It can only grow obscene. Don't wave he built a new town on the business road from the Han Dynasty to the grassland and shouted, "I opened this road and planted this tree. If you want to think about this road, stay and buy road wealth" passing caravans can enjoy the one-stop service of eating, drinking and having fun with money Su Mu: let me tell you, I've really been served by one-stop service. That service If Xianbei doesn't accept it, he will subdue it. If Xiongnu doesn't accept it, he will destroy the nation. Hu people living in horse factories and wool factories are good hu people when Dong Zhuo came to Beijing, he farmed; When the princes asked for Dong, he farmed, the princes scuffled, he farmed, the battle of Guandu, he didn't farm in ten years of development, no one knows and sends troops to the world at one stroke Yuan Shao was killed by stealing chickens Cao Cao was killed by stealing chickens Guo Jia: my wisdom is not as good as Su Muye Lv Bu: I regret not listening to Su mu GAO Shun: my brother's name is Su mu Cai Yan: husband... Su Mu: I just want the people around me to stop suffering

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