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Fanqing 1652

Fanqing 1652

Fanqing 1652

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    Fanqing 1652
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    The winner is justice
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    Yipin Books
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2022-07-03 06:04:33
In 1652, except for the three provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan controlled by the Western army, all the thirteen provinces of Han, Beijing and Sichuan had been occupied by the Qing army. The Yongli regime existed in name, and the anti Qing situation collapsed to the extreme in the same year, Emperor Yongli was forced to accept the proposal of the Western army to jointly resist the Qing Dynasty. Soon, the Ming army, with the Daxi army as the main body, went out of Yunnan to attack the Qing Dynasty and entered the two roads together at this critical moment, sun Xiwang, the "leader of the state of Qin", who was in the rear and ready to send troops to help fight in Huguang at any time, accidentally fell off his horse and changed his temperament when he woke up. "he wants to resist the Qing Dynasty, restore rivers and mountains, and be the emperor of the world!!!" a soul from the 21st century cries out passionately in the body of "Lord of the country" Sun hope. Since then, the wheel of history has turned to a different future this book is also known as "Li Dingguo: the elder brother of the Lord of our country", "the Lord of this country can do something, he really does something", "my father Guangwu emperor"

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