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I m selling cans in Douluo

I m selling cans in Douluo

I m selling cans in Douluo

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    I m selling cans in Douluo
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    Cicadas chirp in the third year
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    Hotel novel
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2022-07-12 05:49:30
Lin Xiao crossed to Douluo and got a lucky pot system there is no doubt that this is a system for creating happiness with money any item in the jar can be opened. For every jar sold, he can get a jar with ten times the explosion rate the first world Lin Xiao binds is the dungeon world, where all props in the game can be produced awakening volume, shining world instrument, enhancement volume And other game props also integrate the characteristics of Douluo Ning Rongrong obtains the awakening volume from the lucky magic pot The awakening of Wu soul is the Jiubao glazed tower Dugu Yan obtained a shining world instrument from the lucky magic pot and relieved the bone poison on the snowy night, the great emperor used the coin of fate, failed in the judgment and died unfortunately< br>。 Tang Hao looked at the broken soul ring and looked sad: "it's too difficult, strengthening is really too difficult... I'll never be able to go to 11." Lin Xiao patted Tang Hao on the shoulder: "there is no gambling dog who loses every day, and there is no child who cries every day. Opening another pot is sure to win......" God's war Tang San is extremely arrogant with double gods. The nine red and one gold and ten soul rings that appear at his feet are shocking Bi bidong looked arrogant: "Tang San, even if you are the God of the sea and the God of Shura. I am not afraid at all, because... I have a strong soul ring all over my body!" Tang San is stupid How can someone keep the thirteen pieces of the Soul Ring intact dragging is definitely dragging PS: this book is also known as "selling cans from Douluo", "Douluo can create happiness with money"

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