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Mortal world: martial arts of immortal Xia

Mortal world: martial arts of immortal Xia

Mortal world: martial arts of immortal Xia

Rating: 9 / 10 from 131 ratings
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    Mortal world: martial arts of immortal Xia
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    A few tree smoke
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    Garden Novel
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What can mortal flow have during the robbery period, friar Yu Qiu avoided the world and practiced all his life. He didn't encounter a mental demon robbery. He knew he couldn't survive the great disaster. He chose to avoid danger, seal his memory and experience the world again Yu Qiu resurrected the Third Prince of Tianchen on the occasion of borrowing the corpse, I ran into the Yuanshen of an Urban Walker with a system. The walker spoofed and presented millions of audio and video memories. Carelessly, he also copied his own memories at the same time. He knew that people had died and hid his face and left Yu Qiu found that she had more misfortunes. She was open-minded and comforted herself: "the beauty Taoist companion is not a bad thing..." she found that the Taoist friend was exquisite in mind and not bad in nature. In addition, she was fleeing, so she retained the memory of the passer-by to experience the world of mortals many years later, Yu Qiu promoted Yuanying to recover all his memory. Suddenly, he found that he had a mantra: "female devil, I want you to help me practice!" -- Introduction to Literature and art rivers and lakes are loyal and martial, and sacrifice their lives for justice. A born immortal becomes a Xia after entering the world.

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