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Wu Ba spring and autumn of rebirth

Wu Ba spring and autumn of rebirth

Wu Ba spring and autumn of rebirth

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    Wu Ba spring and autumn of rebirth
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    Lost lamb
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    Used Book
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2022-07-03 06:54:32
The rebirth of young master Wu Qingji and the start of the war against Wu at this time, Helu was hesitant and full of ambition, Confucius was in high spirits, Lao Tzu had not traveled westward, Sun Wu had not written the book of war, Yan Zi was old, and Fu Chai and Gou Jian were still young... there was no righteous war in the spring and Autumn period. This week, the chamber declined, the strong Jin Dynasty was about to die, the hegemony Qi was declining, and the Jingchu was weak in this world of great disputes, strong means strong, and weak means death let's see how Qingji decides Wu, destroys Yue, breaks Chu, divides Jin and replaces Qi, and dominates the world... Qingji: "if you have achieved great success over the three emperors, you should be called the emperor by virtue of the five emperors!" (this book has no system and is not easy to create. Please support it more!)

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