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My player is the best in the world

My player is the best in the world

My player is the best in the world

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    My player is the best in the world
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    Supersonic excavator
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    Health Books
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2022-07-03 08:52:54
At the end of summer, he crossed to another world and became the king of the imperial dynasty. He felt uncomfortable with clothes and food he wanted to be free and unfettered all his life, but he found that more martial people broke the ban above the imperial power all religions in the world regard imperial power as nothing on the night of the full moon on August 15, ye Wuhen, the sword God, fought a decisive battle with Murong, the leader of Qingcheng City, at the top of the Forbidden City this is a great insult to the imperial dynasty the building is about to collapse. In the late summer, he was ordered to establish the first villa in the world and collect experts from all over the world, just to recast the power of the imperial power however, the key is that there is no money just when he had a headache, he found a treasure left by the emperor in the warehouse, which can summon players from another world sword God ye Wuhen? Murong Lincheng, the leader of Qingcheng city version update, new boss!

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