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Xu jingling

Xu jingling

Xu jingling

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    Xu jingling
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    The One Book
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2022-08-05 16:29:44
In the spring and Autumn period, princes fought for hegemony and the people suffered. Ji Yu, the son of Zhou, issued an amnesty token to Jing Hong, an expert in the world - Xu Jing order. Those who hold the order of emptiness and tranquility are chivalrous and righteous in the Jianghu, which represents the intention of the son of Zhou, and the government will not investigate the responsibility. As the holder of the first generation of Xu Jing Ling, Jing Hong gave Xu Jing Ling the power to communicate with the immortal world before his death. From then on, Xu jingling not only represents the intention of the emperor of Zhou, but also means to get the help of the gods at the critical moment the Xu Jing order began with Wang Jiyu of Zhou Ding and ended with Wang Ling of Zhou Ling. It has existed for 31 years and has passed through four generations. The four generations are Jinghong, dingjianling, kugen and Miaoyun. The descendants of the four generations all came from bitter backgrounds, but they were invincible in the world by cultivating torch skills and getting the help of immortals through the order of emptiness and tranquility each generation of Xujing ordered its successors to uphold the tenets of "respecting the king and bustling the foreigners" and "upholding justice and saving the lives", punish evil and promote good in the Jianghu, maintain the authority of the son of Zhou and the unity of China, and save the people in water and fire. They smashed the "lost Wo Group" that tried to split China, defeated the "Zifei group" that specialized in revenge, disintegrated the "dihun group" that hated Zhou's family for revenge, put out many Jianghu grievances, and made contributions to establishing the prestige of Zhou's royal family and peace in the world every generation of Xujing makes the descendants continue to practice in the fairy world when they insist on cultivating torch skill above Diamond Level 12.

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