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The private file of the demon catcher

The private file of the demon catcher

The private file of the demon catcher

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    The private file of the demon catcher
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    Years in the bowl
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    Pc Books
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2022-05-17 18:45:55
Parallel alien world, climate change, Reiki recovery, abnormal growth and evolution of all things in heaven and earth, wild animals and spirits are increasingly serious threats to human survival, and the demon hunter profession came into being behind the growth of every demon catcher, there is a dangerous and legendary experience, but as a modern man, life is still ordinary and trivial the life of Zhang Lianfeng, a demon catcher, has gradually fallen into a strange circle. There are more and more monsters at home, some are real monsters and some are fake monsters. Real monsters may not be many monsters, and fake monsters may not be without monsters, especially sister Qin Linlin well, all this should start from the morning in late summer and early autumn when their brothers and sisters fought to make a real fire

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