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The entertainment reckless man from the novel

The entertainment reckless man from the novel

The entertainment reckless man from the novel

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    The entertainment reckless man from the novel
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    Corky's cat
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    People Books
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[one sentence introduction]: I was going to get along with you as an ordinary person, but I got alienated. Don't pretend. I'm the godfather of entertainment. I've had a showdown [introduction to the ending poem]: stand in their thirties and shoot online dramas for their dreams it's too difficult to top. The car and the house are out drinking muggy wine by the river, half drunk to save people from drowning looking back on this life, it's like a sad play but it is worthy of this last - saving people's lives [serious introduction]: drowned in the river to save drowning children when Li Xiang woke up again, he went back to the midsummer when he was 18 with the godfather system of entertainment, he plunged into this parallel world with the prosperity of entertainment no one expected that the cause of the great earthquake in the entertainment world was just because of one sentence -- [go ahead!] this stubborn donkey immediately rejected the words remembered by history -- [I'll go ahead!] he is not false after all, behind him stands another world civilization of 5000 years "you said it, then I really did!" Li Xiang rolled up his sleeves and pointed out that it was like a knife - entertainment was like a cake. Take the net text first Click here!

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