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My research years in the immortal world

My research years in the immortal world

My research years in the immortal world

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    My research years in the immortal world
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    Smoke wave
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    Garden Novel
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2022-02-11 15:59:02
Zhang Ping came to the world of cultivating immortals. He couldn't cultivate immortals normally. He had to find another way. At the right time, he opened the system that can let him develop his brain and embarked on a road of scientific cultivation of immortals by studying the essence of the world of cultivating immortality, he has established the basic theory of cultivating immortality, the principle of cultivating immortality, the micro explanation of cultivating immortality, and the law of particle motion driven by magic powers. Through the application of these research results, he felt that the enemy was weak and vulnerable. In front of science, all genius demons were just a group of vulnerable furnishings Zhang Ping: I'm just a scientist. I don't have their (weak) power.

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