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I really just want to keep horses

I really just want to keep horses

I really just want to keep horses

Rating: 9 / 10 from 49897 ratings
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    I really just want to keep horses
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    Fish secretly surfing the Internet
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    365 Books
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This book is also known as "starting from raising horses in Tianting" when I wake up, I travel across the western world and become a powerful official of Tianting Royal Horse supervisor it's a small talk. Xu Ning, who used to rub his horse all his life, accidentally acquired mysterious ability. He can absorb their ability by touching other people's Tianma since then... touch the heavenly horse that Thor rode and gain the divine power of thunder touch the heavenly horse that Nezha rode and get the magic power of three heads and six arms touch the heavenly horse that the Supreme Lord has ridden to obtain the magic alchemy touch the heavenly horse rode by Erlang God to obtain the divine power reincarnation heavenly eye... What, you say they have green cattle, wind and fire wheels and nine lions it doesn't matter. Just cheat the horse and steal the magic power Xu Ning: I want to deeply implement that yours is mine, mine or mine the system asks you to imitate. Why did you surpass it... many years later, the Buddha passed away and the great disaster of the journey to the West began the demon army joined hands to capture Tianting. Xu ningduan sat in the cloud and clapped it with one palm. The coalition army immediately disappeared and disappeared Jade Emperor: "Xu Ning has the power of saving the world and canonized it as......" Xu Ning: "wait, jade emperor, I really just want to raise horses." -- PS: this book starts with raising horses in heaven, and the journey to the West and raising horses are only a small part of the beginning

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