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Buried alive in the Qing Dynasty

Buried alive in the Qing Dynasty

Buried alive in the Qing Dynasty

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    Buried alive in the Qing Dynasty
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    Da Luoluo
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    Free Trial Novel
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Zhu Santai and sun Nai are the sworn enemies of the Qing Dynasty! What a disaster, especially in San Francisco—— When the young hero Emperor Kangxi said this, he wrote the name of Zhu He on the column of the South study Mrs. Zhu, you have to resist! It's up to you to fight against the Qing Dynasty and restore the Ming Dynasty. We'll wait for the loyal officials of Daming to cheer you up—— Zheng Jing, Chen Jinnan, Da Laohui and Dao Rongrong, loyal officials of the Ming Dynasty, are waving flags and shouting happily do you know Zhu Santai sun? This is the last edict from your grandfather emperor Chongzhen to Wu Sangui. It was found in your cottage. It's like a fake change—— Yang Qilong, who loves the Ming Dynasty most, is talking to himself with the imperial edict of Chongzhen whose ink is still wet Mrs. Zhu, you go first. I, Wu Sangui, will fight against the Qing Dynasty right away—— Wu Sangui, the Western King of Qing Dynasty, lay on the hospital bed and said weakly I am the grandson of Zhu San, the Third Prince of Zhu is my father, and the emperor Chongzhen is my grandfather. But in my heart, only the world is for the public. I don't want to be emperor. Take this yellow robe away quickly. I won't wear it—— Faced with the persuasion of the officials, Zhu Hesheng, who has a pure and noble soul of the 21st century, said from his heart book friend Group No.: 962468082

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