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Qihai Yangming

Qihai Yangming

Qihai Yangming

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    Qihai Yangming
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    Look at yesterday's beauty
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    Vchale Novel
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2022-01-14 12:23:19
Japan is rich in silver in South America, and South Africa is rich in gold. wealth comes to me, and warriors offer loyalty Siam, Vietnam granary, Australia's vast pastures, copper and iron mines in North Korea, and sugar everywhere in Nanyang India grows tea and weaves cloth, Northeast ginseng and velvet hardwood, the throat of Malacca port, spices, pepper and nutmeg, merchants from all over the world gather, and the customs don't worry about taxes Iberian twin heroes, strong in the outside and mediocre in the middle, The Empire is declining, and there is no power in the past the road to rise is a stumbling block, and it is necessary to sacrifice the flag with the three foot green front in hand, I have an invincible fleet. the journey of tiger and wolf is 100000. It was originally run for China the East conquers all the sea, and barbarism finally leads to civilization. if you ask about your lifelong ambition, pray for the resurgence of China.

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