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Capital of eternal darkness

Capital of eternal darkness

Capital of eternal darkness

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    Capital of eternal darkness
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    Little red cat and Wolf
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    Lava Novel
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2022-09-22 17:59:38
If Everett is a wounded and dying beast, kesulu region is the biggest wound on the beast, the kind of rotten maggots before you mention the ksuru region, you need to know the origin of its birth chains and chain contracts beneath the mainland, there is an abyss this is the oldest legend of Everett different regions may have different descriptions of the abyss, but the only thing different regions have in common is that there is an irresistible existence under the earth's surface. Once it is released, the whole world will be swallowed up. Evil gods also know some scientific ways to raise pigs. Foreign gods are just thieves who steal from other people's homes. The abyss, It's a beast that devours everything the whole world will be swallowed up but it doesn't matter, because there are chains in this world chains are human beings. They can cry, laugh, eat and sleep. They have friends and relatives. They are no different from normal human beings but they are not human beings, because they are immortal their lives are connected to the mainland. They are the land and the world.

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