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Starting with Laoshan Taoist

Starting with Laoshan Taoist

Starting with Laoshan Taoist

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    Starting with Laoshan Taoist
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    Inkstone dyed with plum fragrance
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    Daily Novel
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2022-01-17 05:42:04
When you wake up, the world is reincarnated. Once through, Wang Yan found that he had become Wang Sheng in Laoshan Taoist priest. The original Wang Qi was eager to learn from immortals, but he couldn't bear the hardships. He finally learned a wall piercing skill, and his magic failed due to his bad intentions. It can be said that he laughed at others. Today's Wang Yan is not willing to be mediocre and not afraid of hardship. He will firmly grasp the opportunity at that time. How can a small wall piercing skill be sent to me? Let you hone it in every way. My heart is firm. Spiritual practice, academic law, refining elixir, seeking longevity... Witnessed the collapse of the Dynasty and the chaos of demons and demons. Liaozhai Zhiyi, Liu Yi's dragon daughter, white snake and eight immortals... When it's hard to find a pure land on earth, Taoist priests with swords can kill demons and monsters. They are full of spirit and dare to ask about the injustice of the world! A little man's journey to become an immortal... (PS: Book Group: 784777574, welcome to the group for tea and chat!)

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