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The only immortal of Douluo

The only immortal of Douluo

The only immortal of Douluo

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    The only immortal of Douluo
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    People in the dormitory
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    Woske Novel
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2022-01-13 05:08:15
Su Bai, friar from Taicang Xianyu after the fall, the remnant soul accidentally fell to Douluo continent Su Bai: "meditation? Your way of cultivation is meditation! Don't you have a skill?" Bi bidong: "what is a skill?" Su Bai: "what? Only by absorbing the soul ring can you obtain the soul skill? Won't you develop and create it yourself?" qianrenxue: "Self created soul skill? That's too difficult. Moreover, the power of self created soul skill is not as powerful as the soul skill brought by the powerful soul ring." Su Bai stands alone in the wind and is messy. then, Su Bai, the immortal, decides to experience the happiness of cultivating immortals in the lower level of Douluo continent. hey hey! (PS: the protagonist's theme is immortal Xia's hanging, dimensionality reduction and attack, not the original work of the prophet. PPS: the author wrote this novel more to rewrite the tragedy of bibidong, so he will start when bibidong was a child. Tang San will only appear in the middle and later stages. Please forgive me for his shortcomings.)

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