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Wood leaf black hand overhead fire shadow

Wood leaf black hand overhead fire shadow

Wood leaf black hand overhead fire shadow

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    Wood leaf black hand overhead fire shadow
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    Lonely building cold bridge
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    Pc Books
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2022-06-23 19:50:27
Under the stage, Yu Zhibo and RI clan leaders stood together as close as brothers Tuan Zang, San Ren, Bai Ya, hand in hand, intimacy Muye hero took a step forward with a thousand hands, tears in his eyes and drank: "there are three generations of fire, shadow and ape flying, educating the villagers, diligence, hardship and great merit. Today, on behalf of all people of insight in Muye village, I implore the village head to take a long vacation, rule by inaction and take care of the days." all the sages responded in unison: "We implore the holy village head to do nothing and rule by hanging the wooden leaves." The ape flies around the stage, shivering with anger, but he can't say a word. today, Muye village is in full swing!!! on this day, the power of Huoying is divided. From then on, Muye village head rules by bowing his head, is sacred and ignores village affairs. on this day, Muye's power has gathered unprecedentedly, laying a strong foundation for Muye to rule the tolerance world. on this day , which is the beginning of thousands of years of peace for later generations, has been praised by countless historians as a sacred bloodless coup.

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