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Cook, Navy, pirate

Cook, Navy, pirate

Cook, Navy, pirate

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    Cook, Navy, pirate
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    Qing Qiye
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    365 Books
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2022-07-03 13:53:19
Father white beard's dream is to have a family, a group of family. What about Levin's dream? Control the food demon in your body? Looking for that allblue? Or defend your justice? Maybe all? After all, who stipulates that there can only be one dream fifty two years old, a legendary age the pirate king died the day he was 52. Lei Wen, 52, faced the choice for the first time, the collision between his family and responsibilities, and the intersection of dream and reality. Everything started from the top war. On that day, he was no longer the warden of the first naval prison promotion city. On that day, he exposed his back covered by the Navy's justice coat in front of everyone in the world for the first time the devil liberated the seal from that day, but after all, there are more fetters for him to miss the world this is a story of a navy with gourmet cells seeking the world and self essence in salvation again and again everyone will make mistakes. The important thing is to move forward, not to fall to the bottom of the pit< br> (don't follow the group, don't form a group, and don't eat devil fruit. The protagonist himself has gourmet cells, but mainly focuses on body art. Because gourmet cells are incompatible with devil fruit, and gourmet cells can also be regarded as devil fruit and have ability, but they are not as exaggerated and messy as devil fruit, so they pay more attention to the development of the body. the world includes the captive world of gourmet food, because In order to have linkage. in essence, it is a process in which the aborigines of a pirate world recognize the pirate world and themselves. it does not affect viewing if they have not seen the pirate. After all, they are written as aborigines, and many things need to be introduced.)

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