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Is the evil god myself?

Is the evil god myself?

Is the evil god myself?

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    Is the evil god myself?
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    Old doll
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    Free Novel!
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2021-11-25 22:42:10
[you passed through, the rich merchant young master started, but the blood on the ground reminded you that everything was not normal. Just when you were ready to clean up the scene, there was a knock on the door by the police...] [you were in prison and were about to be pushed to the shooting range as a scapegoat. In order to save yourself, you can only think of ways to bribe the prison guard...] [you find that the peanuts on the shooting range are not the only threat to your life in your self-help. Unspeakable things hide in the dark and reveal a hungry mouth...] once you cross and go to jail, Lynn can only rely on his brain to survive, work hard from the bottom, become bigger and stronger, and create brilliance. He never thought that the world would never be as good as people want. many years later. "What do you call me an evil god? It's time to settle you, parasites of history, old remnant parties, decorations on street lamps, reactionaries!" ... sexual appearance, sequence, relics, extraordinary; this is the struggle from the downstream of history. war, capital, innovation, gods; this is the legend of crowning and crowning the evil Lord.

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