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Emperor Longguo s son-in-law

Emperor Longguo s son-in-law

Emperor Longguo s son-in-law

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    Emperor Longguo s son-in-law
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    Wind curtain
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    Apple novel
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2021-11-26 13:59:02
[old routine, new story, worth seeing!] five years ago, when his wife was about to give birth, Chu Feng received a secret order and had to embark on a bloody battlefield in order not to disturb his wife and daughter, he cut off contact with his family and never heard from him again after five years of military service, Chu Feng completed the amazing transformation of his life and became a king famous all over the world but I suddenly heard that when he was not at home, his wife and daughter were bullied and lived a miserable life the beautiful wife was forced by the rich childe the five-year-old daughter begged on the street and looked for her mother everywhere with great success, he returned to the city with thousands of power and infinite glory to support his wife and daughter

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