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Styx River sword

Styx River sword

Styx River sword

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    Styx River sword
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    White fox in cloud dream
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    Garden Novel
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Born again, I am the Styx river the leader of Youming sect, the supreme of the sea of blood yuan tu'a's nose and heart lead the industry fire down the red lotus beside the six samsara, in the dark sea of blood in the west, the eight sects of Tianlong, including the two disciples, the gods of Tianting, the immortal of Mingmen, the ghosts and gods of hell, and the two Lich families... Are all here in the dark, the vision of the six saints and the great powers of the heavens also passes through the barrier of time and space gazing at the sky full of gods, demons, Buddhas, lichs and ghosts, the mouth of the Styx River outlines an arc I got up slowly on the red lotus of fire, and the two swords of yuan tu'a nose were shining look up and close your eyes white hair gradually glows with blood "today, please help me practice!"... this book is also known as "the spiritual leader of triple personality" PS: I became the spirit of the world after I was reborn. You can go and enjoy it in your spare time.

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