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Welcome back to the world game

Welcome back to the world game

Welcome back to the world game

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    Welcome back to the world game
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    Not enough sleep
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    Health Books
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[if all mankind places their hopes on one person, will this road be easy?] ... "when you see this line, the [live competitive global game] to redeem the planet has begun." "Here, all players become travelers and travel through the world together, the dangerous end of the world, the future controlled by bionic humans, the village where werewolves fight God and people..." "I am Su Mingan and have the only death return skill." "the eliminated players have become the audience. Among the hundreds of millions of hot live rooms, they say I am the strongest [first player]. "" some people say I'm a traitor of the organizer and an incompetent leader. ""... But it doesn't matter. "" those who hold salaries for everyone can't be frozen in the wind and snow. Those who open the way for freedom can't be trapped in thorns. "" - I will [brilliant future] , bring it to all the people who have watched me. "... "... Whether they have good intentions or bad intentions. "... label: all the days of the original world, long-term foreshadowing, reversing the plot, how short the ending of he, be and Te is. progress (original) : Apocalypse → bionic science fiction → senior three campus → werewolf kills the world → salvation sacrifice → Baisha hospital → blood feast ... [a choice of life, one end of the scale, human beings bet on all the future.] [chasing the catcher of the dawn and carrying the fate of the world.] [he is willing to sink into the dark rain.] [in this age of no light.] ... [because in such a world, human beings are destined to dance in chains.]

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