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Dungeon: my wife is a player

Dungeon: my wife is a player

Dungeon: my wife is a player

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2448 ratings
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    Dungeon: my wife is a player
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    Four dimensional thief
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    Qishi Book
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2021-12-02 08:42:24
Go through the dungeon, get the template system, and draw A-level template [suit. Mob] [feature 1: Super reaction (your brain can't keep up with your body reaction)] [feature 2: self charm value + 8, women's charm value is the fixed value 1.] [feature 3: automatically generate a pack of cigarettes every day, including endurance cigarettes, strength cigarettes and intelligence cigarettes..., smoking can temporarily increase your belonging.] [feature 4: proficient in fighting skills (maximum + 20, minimum + 10 for close range attack) [advanced value: 5200 / 10000] (changed to S-level template after advanced level) this template is still good, but some people say that my wife is beautiful and that Cao thieves are ordinary, but I really can't see how beautiful my wife is. (so this book also calls me don't know how beautiful my wife is. I get a suit at the beginning.. mob,)

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