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I can exchange all kinds of treasures

I can exchange all kinds of treasures

I can exchange all kinds of treasures

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    I can exchange all kinds of treasures
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    Greedy cat
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Someone just wanted to shout about the pig's feet in the East and west of the river for 30 years: "where's my golden finger?" a villain who was trying to make a "Jie Jie" smile: "what's this? My big move!" a bad man who was about to do evil: "brother, brother, cheer up! How could you become so short? Where's your length and strength?" Qi Feng quietly put away the magic light of changing treasure: "it's all mine." blood, Xuangong, good luck, attribute points, golden fingers, cave heaven and blessed land, supreme holy Dharma, little sister... I have the magic light in my hand. Everything in the world is brushed and changed ---------------------- serious version: extraordinary, the strong is respected the law of the jungle, strong fist first the demons in the story of Huaben really exist, and the legends in the strange talk of the city never disappear it is said that the immortals and gods are old everyone knows the sect and sect evil gods, demons, crazy whispers, and the gaze of the abyss justice and evil? The game of the extraordinary, the ant people Qianshou, ordinary beings, can only crawl and pray when the curtain slowly opens, the weak can only look up Qi Feng doesn't want to become a background board in which life and death are not controlled by himself, nor is he willing to disappear from the public. He wants to be a big man!

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