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I m really scared

I m really scared

I m really scared

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    I m really scared
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    Wait until late at night
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    Long Novel
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2021-11-28 18:56:47
Since Guan Shan obtained the horror game simulator in his brain, everything in his eyes has become a horror painting style a carnivorous restaurant with corpses hanging in the kitchen, an apartment building with no one ringing at midnight, a psychiatric hospital full of murderers... [only by killing the final boss can we end this simulation!] as an ordinary person, Guan Shan is afraid, he is uneasy, he is afraid in the face of these powerful and thrilling bosses, he can only do his best to kill monsters and take some poor equipment in order to survive at the end of each simulation, it's just lingering however, in the eyes of others, Guanshan is the terror and abnormality itself "Captain, he has killed all the dangerous S-level powers, and he will break through the whole base. He is still shouting for help with fear on his face. Shall we save or not?" "nonsense, he's coming towards us, run!"

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