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Starting from Douluo, he flattened the heavens

Starting from Douluo, he flattened the heavens

Starting from Douluo, he flattened the heavens

Rating: 9 / 10 from 49980 ratings
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    Starting from Douluo, he flattened the heavens
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    Qian Er
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    Ethical Novel
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2021-11-17 21:25:01
Tang Dongfeng crossed Douluo continent and awakened the flame soul on Poseidon island. Facing being expelled from the island, he applied for Haima holy column assessment at the beginning on the verge of death, he awakened the nuclear level system and accidentally rubbed out nuclear fission, accompanied by a mushroom cloud rising and the holy pillar breaking Douluo mainland ushers in the era of nuclear peace... Tang San: Tang Lian, the strongest concealed weapon of Tangmen, can cause this power Tang Hao: I blew up all the soul rings. Does it hurt qiandaoliu: Dongfeng Douluo, calm down! Calm down Ning Fengzhi: you should have children like Tang Dongfeng, and your daughter should marry Tang Dongfeng qianrenxue: with Tang Dongfeng alone, what's the use of this world Poseidon: brother, stop playing and come up and succeed to the throne Master: This... This is unscientific PS1: don't follow Tang San, don't follow Wu soul hall, don't worship master PS2: this book is also known as "I rub out nuclear fusion with my bare hands", "on the fancy explosion of the heavens" PS3: crossing the world "Douluo", "doupo" and "journey to the west". Other worlds are to be determined.

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