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The first cause of all worlds

The first cause of all worlds

The first cause of all worlds

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    The first cause of all worlds
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    Pei Tu gou
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    Mountain Book
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2022-08-09 15:15:17
The vast world is rejuvenated, and the departed gods and demons are about to return holding a tripod of gluttony, Yang prison, a French student, came through and opened his eyes in a border town to see the specious world he saw that on the boundless land, the ancient dynasty was at the end of the road, and dragons and snakes were everywhere in the flames of war he saw years of war and the people were in dire straits. The land of thousands of households turns into a white land in an instant, and the country of ten thousand passengers turns into clouds and smoke he saw a boy waving red silk across the world he saw the hunter standing on the top of the mountain and bending his bow to the sky he saw the giant standing in the sky, roaring, and the mountains and rivers were broken he saw immortals entrenched in the nine clouds, talking and laughing, and the sea changed Yang prison was silent, perplexed and depressed until he roared: "a big husband should eat five tripods when he was born, and cook five tripods when he died!" "I will never do anything in my life!" ...... there are old books "projection of the heavens" and "Da Dao Ji". Friends who like it can go and have a look.

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