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Taoist priest, times have changed

Taoist priest, times have changed

Taoist priest, times have changed

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    Taoist priest, times have changed
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2021-11-30 21:30:30
A Debao silver coin brought Yunsong to a turbulent era here, there are foreigners with strong boats and guns, warlord factions everywhere, Zhumen is drunk and the people are displaced there are also monsters and evils here, such as Python immortals, corpses of dragons, graves of living people, jade of dead people, paper people stealing lives, stone Buddha buying transportation, old cats worshipping the moon at night, wild foxes stealing coffins, Yin bad days in the ancient town and Yin soldiers in the old capital. The river is cut off, and now there are dangerous houses in the old village and ten miles of ocean, and thousands of demons are frequently found in the white bone temple and nameless city in the mass graves here, there are two sides of Debao silver money. Silver money is used by people and Yin money is used by ghosts. Yunsong also has two sides. He is a Taoist priest in Taoist robes, a lone soul, a ghost, a zombie, a evil Buddha, a wild City God... PS: this book is also known as "I thought I was a Taoist, but I turned out to be a ghost?" you thought I was a ghost, but I turned out to be a group of ghosts! "

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