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The transcendent way of swallowing the starry sky

The transcendent way of swallowing the starry sky

The transcendent way of swallowing the starry sky

Rating: 9 / 10 from 9238 ratings
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    The transcendent way of swallowing the starry sky
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    A boy who doesn't want to grow up
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    365 Books
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The author is an old bookworm for more than 20 years therefore, there are no brainless villains. The plot is reasonable. There is no brainless routine of pretending to force people to fight in the face. Book friends can read it at ease by following the original settings you can read it at ease, full-time author, saved manuscript, not eunuch Qin Ming, the protagonist, is an ordinary young man over 30. He had the opportunity to cross the Jiuding world and break the void from the Jiuding world. He thought he should return to the earth, but unexpectedly came to the world swallowing the stars. (for the story of Jiuding world, see the next book ^ ^) the protagonist rises all the way through classic events such as genius war, chaos city and so on break through samsara, reach the origin continent, and break away from the origin continent the protagonist seems to be playing in the world. He doesn't care about other people's views, but he has his own persistence and bottom line the protagonist has his own rising route and his own way to go. The setting is reasonable. He will not rely on Luo Feng or seize the opportunity of the protagonist, but will help Luo Feng in the early stage Book shortage friends, please rest assured to collect. The content of this book is extremely comfortable and will not cause discomfort to book friends!!!

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